• Firearms Safety

    At Double Action, firearms safety is number one! Our staff includes NRA certified Range Safety Officers who are always eager to help. However, responsible firearms safety depends on you! Learn more about our range rules and basic firearms safety here.
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  • Firearms Range

    Our state of the art indoor range is designed, constructed and finished off to the last detail with one thing in mind...today's modern shooter. Our range is equipped with an electric target retrieval system, powerful ventilation and individual lightening which can be adjusted to suite each shooter's needs.
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  • Firearms Freedom!

    When freedom it'self is at stake, second place is not an option. Criminals don't obey laws by definition. Legislating the law abiding based on the conduct of the criminals has never worked in US history. Defend your constitutionl rights, join the fight now!
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We have cases of ammunition for sale as well. Stock up and SAVE! Christmas is coming and we have lots of stocking stuffers and gifts for the Firearm enthusiast. Ammo, cleaning kits, safes, rifle cases and more.......

.223 PMC 55gr 1000 round case $399.00

.556 X-TAC PMC 62 gr, 1000 round case $399.00
40 cal Speer 180 gr. FMJ 1000 rounds  $350.00
9mm Federal American Eagle 124grn FMJ- 1,000 Rounds- $289.00
45 ACP Federal 230FMJ- 1,000 Rounds- $429.00