Basic Handgun Class

The next Basic Handgun Class is set for  Saturday November 4,2017, Saturday Novemebr 18, 2017@ 11am. This is a four to five hour class for the beginner and intermediate shooter. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of firearms safety & function. Certain legal aspects of firearms ownership will be covered as well. Each student will learn about a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun. At the conclusion of the class students get hands on shooting experience with choice of handguns. Certificates are presented to all students who pass the class.Price: $100.00 plus a box of am




We are holding an Act 235 Re-Cert class on TBD, from 10 to 6. The cost is

$125.00 which includes ammo. A cash deposit is required to hold your seat.


                     UTAH PERMIT CLASS                                            We are running a Utah permit class on Sunday TBD, from 12 to 5.

 Price is $150.00 which includes the finger printing. We are accepting cash only and a small cash deposit is required to reserve a spot. If you pay the fee in full up front, then the price is $125.00. This does not include the price of the permit that has to be sent to Utah, which i believe is $49.00 for 5 year permit. Please come at 12:00 for fingerprinting