Archery Range

archery-01Archery Shooters ! We have a two lane indoor archery range with up to 30 yards of shooting distance, air conditioning and superior lighting. Conveniently located next to the pistol range, the archery range is protected by sound resistant walls and completely enclosed.

Stop by and enjoy the fine art of archery in our modern facility for only $150.00 per year.Non-members can shoot for $12.00 per hour.
Or you can take advantage of our ultimate savings plan....join the pistol range for $225.00 per year and we'll throw in a whole year of archery range use for free!

Archery Range Rules & Regulations
1. Shoot only at a designated target in an appropriate shooting area.

2. All archers shoot from and straddle a common shooting line.

3. Arrows are nocked only after the shooting area is cleared and shooters are on the common line.

4. Don't draw the bow with a nocked arrow unless you are going to release the arrow.

5. Arrows are considered shot (spent) if they fall from the bow and cannot be reached with the aid of the bow while standing astride shooting line.

6. No more than six (6) arrows (an end) will be shot at one shooting time.

7. After shooting your designated number of arrows, step back from the shooting line until the signal to retrieve is given.

8. Retrieve arrows only on the appropriate signal.

9. Never shoot an arrow up in the air.

10. Prior to each shooting session, the archer should carefully check bows and arrows to make sure both are in a proper state of repair.

11. Never shoot (release) your bow without an arrow in it (DRY FIRE).

12. Avoid wearing bulky clothes or jewelry that might interfere with

13. Make certain arrows are the proper length for your reach.

14. Only one individual at a time should withdraw arrows from the target.

15. Always be conscious of the possible dangers of bows and arrows. Treat the tackle and the sport with respect.

A list of safety rules could never address all situations. Archery Range Users are expected to be safety conscious and responsible at all times.Any questions regarding this document should be forwarded to the range master on duty.