Firearms Range

instruct-1-lrgDouble Action's state of the art indoor pistol range is ultra-modern from the ground up. Designed, constructed and finished off to the last detail with one thing in's modern shooter. Double Action is equipped with an electric target retrieval system, powerful ventilation units and individual lightening environments which can be adjusted to suite each shooter's needs.


Target back stops are constructed of concrete sand and re-enforced concrete walls, utilizing a state of the art air filtration system, they are built with safety and the environment in mind.Well trained and professional staff are always on hand to lend helpful advise or assistance if desired. Rental guns are also available, but you must have two shooters to rent, at $10.00 a piece, provided you have shot before. If you haven't shot before you may come in with a certified instructor or take our beginners safety course, because a safe and enjoyable shooting environment is our primary goal.

11 shooting lanes , 25 yards distance, seasonally heated and air-cooled lanes, handicapped accessible shooting booth, armor plated shooting stalls and three large windows to view the shooting range are just a few of the details that make Double Action Delaware County's Premiere Indoor Shooting Range.







Membership Information
Membership includes: Unlimited use, for one year, of the range, archery range , free gun rentals, and a discount for guests

Individual One Year: $225.00/year
Husband & Wife: $375.00/year
Law Enforcement: P.O.R
Seniors (65+) 10% Disct

At Double Action we have a variety of supplies and ammunition in stock. Targets, Safety Equipment, Firearms Accessories, Gun Rentals, and Cleaning equipment are all in stock at great prices. Only top of the line products are sold at Double Action. Hand picked by our support staff and conveniently displayed, we are sure to have the product your looking for.




Range Rules

1. FIREARMS TRANSPORT: All firearms brought into this building will be cased or boxed and unloaded unless holstered as per PA FIREARMS CARRY PERMIT, until on the firing line.

1a. ALL shooters must be experienced. No one will be allowed in the range that has not shot before. You must take a basic firearms safety course, which we have here at Double Action, or bring an NRA certified instructor with you. NO EXCEPTIONS, safety first always.....

1b. Gun rentals will only be provided to members or two shooters in the same stall. We DO NOT rent firearms to single individules, unless your are carrying your own firearm with you.

A. The Range officer is in total charge of the range and all activities in the range.

B. The Range officer will remove from the range, any person who handles a firearm in an unsafe or careless manner. He or she will also suspend this person's membership until such time as they can demonstrate safety in gun handling to the management.

C. The Range officer has the authority to inspect all firearms and ammunition and will deny their use if, in his judgment, they are unsafe or not in serviceable condition.

D. The Range officer will have the only say in any matter, there will be no discussion regarding his decision. Any person who demonstrates any inability to maintain control of their actions will be barred from use of the range.

3. VANDALISM: Any person who purposely fires at lights, baffles, target carriers or any other object other than proper targets in the range will be escorted from the range and barred from any further range privileges. All membership fees will be forfeited to the range and management will decide on charges of vandalism.

4. RANGE USE: Any non-member using the range will pre-pay the appropriate Range Use fee at check in. If a waiting list for range use exists, the order of sign in will decide who is next.

A. All handguns and rifles chambered for handgun cartridges are permitted for use in the range. 22 & 22 mag,, 25, 32, 380, 9mm, 38, 357, 40 S&W, 10mm, 44 mag., 45 colt, 45ACP Wildcat calibers with muzzle velocities exceeding 2000 feet per second are not permitted.

B. Full auto firearms are not permitted.

C. Shotguns are permitted at the discretion of the range officer.


A. Only factory ammunition purchased at DOUBLE ACTION, INC. will be permitted for use.

B. Any ammunition will be barred from the range at the discretion of the range officer.

C. Any ammunition capable of armor penetrating will not be permitted.

D. No tracer, incendiary or explosive ammunition is permitted.

A. All persons using the range facilities are required to read and understand a copy of the range rules

B. A parent or adult MUST accompany all persons under the age of 21. The parent/adult MUST remain with the minor at all times while in the range. Under PENNSYLVANIA law a minor is not permitted to handle or fire a handgun without the presence of their parent or a supervising adult

C. No food, drink or smoking is permitted in the range.

D. Only one shooter or one shooter and one coach are permitted in a shooting position.

E. Persons not shooting or coaching are not permitted in the range.

F. At no time will a shooter leave a loaded firearm unattended.

G. No use of cell phones or cameras allowed in the range area.

A. Eye and ear protection is required to be in place before entering the range. Please take the shooting position assigned to you.

B. Firearms are to be uncased and cased within the shooting booth. At no time is the muzzle of the firearm to be pointed anywhere but down range.

C. Targets are to be put on carriers as provided. We do not use backers

D. Loaded firearms are not to be removed from the firing line.

E. At no time is a loaded firearm to be raised to a vertical (straight up) position.

F. No cross-lane shooting is permitted. No quick-draw, hip or snapshooting is permitted.

G. At no time will a shooter move forward of the firing line. Target carriers must be used. If the condition light in your booth turns from green to red ... cease fire and make all firearms safe (slides back, cylinders open, magazines out, guns unloaded and placed on the bench in the booth).

H. When finished shooting, clear and box or case all firearms, clean up any trash and sign out.

I. Do not move a jammed or loaded malfunctioning firearm from the shooting booth. Place the firearm on the bench in the booth with the muzzle pointing down range and call the Range Officer.